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1st Time Buyer

Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101

Why rent when you can buy?

Invest Your Rent In Your First Home

The only one who benefits from your rent check is your landlord. As a renter, you never see that money again. But as a homeowner you can profit when you sell. In addition, as a renter you can’t use any of your rent payments as a tax deduction like homeowners can. If you or someone you know is renting, it’s time to put that rent check to better use! Now is a great time to buy. After years of being priced out of the market by high home values, first-time home buyers are seeing some excellent reasons to invest in their own homes today. Here’s why:
  • Lower (even bargain) prices in some areas
  • Good selection of homes to choose from
  • Greater flexibility from sellers on terms and contingencies
  • Very affordable interest rates
  • Special federal and local government tax incentives
  • Variety of mortgage options.
Some of these benefits won’t be around for long, so the sooner you decide to buy, the more advantage you’ll have. You’re in the driver’s seat. Of course, first-time home buyers are also first-time mortgage borrowers, who are not only comparing homes to purchase but also weighing all their different mortgage options. What makes current renters especially attractive to mortgage professionals — and to home sellers — is that they don’t need to sell a home before they can buy. That helps simplify and speed the transaction for everyone – making you a sought-after home buyer.

We’re Here For You

You’ll find a wealth of information on our website to help you purchase your first home. Why are we giving it away for free? We know how confusing the home buying process can be for those who’ve never experienced it. We want you to know our goal is to serve you, educate you and assist you in handling all the complexities of buying a home in today’s real estate market. We inform you for free so you’ll think of us when you’re ready to make your move. That’s why being a local real estate professional is so rewarding. Simply put, our best home buyers are always our educated clients. Get started now to buy your first great home. You’re invited to read and learn. When you have a question — or when you’re ready for a First-Time Buyer consultation – we are standing by. We know from experience, the more knowledge we share with you, the easier it will be for you to become a proud homeowner.

Buying your first home doesn’t have to be hard – call on us for help!